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1. Introduce Oyster pay-as-you-go to South-East London

In his manifesto at the 2008 London Mayoral election, Boris Johnson promised to hold an emergency summit with Train Operating Companies (TOCs) so that Oyster pay-as-you-go would be introduced to overground stations in South-East London as soon possible. To date, this has not happened.

2. Bring Back Wild Card at Amul Star Voice of India

Great singers get eliminated due to lack of Votes.

It is a great disservice to Music and Star TV should introduce a wild card entry to bring back certain gifted singers who were either voted out or not selected in initial audition due to any reason.

3. Introduce a Personhood Amendment in Michigan

Urge State Representative Mike Lahti to introduce legislation to begin the process of amending Michigan's Constitution to define life as starting at conception, and protect all preborn children in Michigan.

4. Moderation of Matt the Moderator

For the past month Matt has done a great job in Brischat contributing to clean up the community and introduce a healthy chat environment. However there have been several kickings in which decent and actively positive members of the Brischat community, have confronted Matt in a civil and respectful manner about why people have been kicked, and inturn kicked themselves without warning or reason.

There have also been times people have been booted just because of Matt’s pure annoyance. Matt has also used sarcasm on many an occasion which in turn alienates the positive members of the Brischat community, and turns them away from coming back. The point of this cleanup is to introduce a positive chat environment and clear up the mess so people can enjoy themselves.

This is a community chatroom, and matt does have a certain level of responsibility as a moderator to respect the wishes and good of the general community. Treat unto those as how you wish to be treated. Sign this petition if you have been booted for the above reasons, including Alias, Reason, or what you witnessed.

Please keep screenshots handy if such an incident occurs for evidence. Personal attacks and justified kicking comments will be deleted from this petition.

5. Introduce Sarah's Law

We owe it to our next generation !

Sarah's Law would give parents the right to controlled information about the whereabouts of predatory child sex offenders living in their area. It would enable parents to safeguard their children by contacting police in order to obtain details of high risk paedophiles who are known to reside within their local community.

This information would be strictly controlled by police and there would be strong penalties for anyone who abuses the information.

Sarah's Law is NOT a call for unrestricted open access to the Sex Offender's Register.

We start from the position that information should no longer remain the exclusive preserve of officialdom. We believe the public have the right to protection and they have the right to information'.

Lord Stevens - former Met Police Chief:

'Its all about a parent's right to protect their child, a child's right to be safe. 'If just saves one child from sex abuse, and the lifetime of nightmares that too often follow, then I'm afraid its worth all the inconvenience in the world for the

'We Can't Change the Past - But We Can Definitely Change the Future'

Children don't get a second chance.

We believe its our right as parents - We recognise the problem - We commit to
the cause.

6. Introduce permit parking on Holland Road

May 31, 2006

We want permit parking for each house on Holland road as our road is constantly congested with cars parked from people who park here then go to the station.

The 2 garages up the road park their customers' cars here, the surgerys patients and even people who live streets away.

7. Introduce eye for an eye punishment for crime

May 28, 2006

Do you believe in an eye for an eye? I sure do.

I think it's wrong that murderers in the world get away with it. Yes some get the death penalty, but comeon? It's the easy way out. It's painless and fast. Why should they get the easy way out when they probly made a person suffer? When they are waiting for the death penalty they get fed better then most of the people in the world.

I think what ever they have done should be done to them, whether it's rape, murder, whatever. They should learn. They should pay for what they have done. It sounds harsh and mean, but it will teach others in the world.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

8. Truth in Politics - Introduce penalties against politicians for lies

Politicians around the world are currently infringing upon civil and human rights introducing stricter penalties for civil crimes. While they continually use more and more complex methods to exaggerate truths and tell lies. We call upon all government and multi-lateral bodies to introduce strict penalties for lies or exaggerations in these forums, with personal liability.

9. Neopets - millionaries

Make it easier to paint your pet!

There its almost impossable to get 100k in neopets to buy a nice paintbrush. I am not saying make it easier to make money in neopets but maybe to introduce some cheaper yet cool looking PTB's, for those who find it very difficult to make np and would like our neopets to suit our personality.

10. Introduce periodic DNA testing of state and federal employees

This petition is to the United States
Congress to introduce the law enforcing
all state and federal employees to periodic DNA testing.

11. Re-introduce Capital Punishment for Child Killers

In the light of the recent abduction and murder of Jessica and Holly I believe that capital punishment should be re-introduced. Although our Government have signed the Human Rights Bill and say we cannot bring this back. I believe there is no such word as "Can't" and also that the Human Rights of the children have been taken away. Adults who kill children for their own gratification have no right to be protected by the Human Rights bill or campaign. So I believe this argument does not stand. Children have the right to live their lives unmolested by perverts.