#Human Rights
The Honorable Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India

There is growing problem of unauthorized or covert use advanced high-tech spy devices (cameras, snooping devices, Electromagnetic emission devices, web cams etc.) which track A-Z of any person's activity - speech, writing, bodily movements, computer and web usage (cyber-stalking) etc, even in darkness - from a considerable distance away (from neighboring buildings, distant buildings etc). Use of these devices is becoming a common feature among ordinary people, for criminal purposes, stalking, eavesdropping on other's private activities, computer hacking, vocal conversation, telephone conversation etc - in gross violation of:

1. The Indian Supreme Court ruling on wire-tapping/illegal surveillance

2. IT 2000 law prohibiting computer hacking

These devices are latest advances in technology; making both the Supreme Court ruling as well as the IT law "outdated" in comparison. It is very hard for an ordinary citizen to build evidence for court submission, when confronted by these invisible "covert" monitoring.

Public Interest Litigation on the following capital crimes - Indian laws and punishment required
1. Use of wireless spy devices/Electromagnetic emission devices/web cams for predatory or sexual purposes
2. Stalking/Cyber stalking/International stalking
3. Web pages - Content modification using stolen passwords obtained through wireless spy devices, web cams
Your Honor, based on your official position, please do whatever is needful to bring in proper laws and support mechanisms to prevent the misuse of such high tech wireless spy devices, web cams etc. for wiretapping, phone-tapping, computer hacking, cyber crimes, privacy and human rights violation.

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