#Law Reform
United States of America

The minimum age requirement to purchase a handgun license permit is 18 years of age. We are asking to change the age requirement to 21 years of age. A young adult at the age of 18 years old does not have the maturity to make decisions.

In comparison to obtaining an automobile insurance at a lower rate, the insurance for an 18-year-old young adult is more than the cost of a 21 year old. The age defined as 21 year old to be more mature is used in most states. Auto Insurance regulations specify age 21 as a guideline for maturity. These regulations are in place because of the stages of maturity in most young adults as they strive to master the proper use of critical thinking when making decisions.

The age requirement for a young adult to purchase an alcohol beverage is age 21 due to maturity and understanding the responsibilities that are associated with over indulgence of alcoholic beverages.

We have identified possible steps to act on the chosen solution for the age requirements on the new handgun laws. The first step is to educate the community in an effort to change the age requirements.

As the community becomes more aware of the age requirement the community will be interested in joining with our struggle in changing the law.

We the people ask that the minimum age requirement to purchase a handgun license/permit be increased to the age of 21.

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