Midwest Skijoring Club Leadership
United States of America

Greetings Skijoring Enthusiast!

We are concerned about the future of the sport, the viability of the Midwest Skijorers club and critical relationships with cities and counties that provide excellent trails for our use.

During the last four years no Midwest Skijorers Club meetings or elections have been held by the current club leadership.

We the Midwest Skijorers Members and members of the Midwest Skijoring community request a meeting to elect new officers by 4/15/10.

We request that public notice for this meeting be made not later than 3/15/10.

We request a review of club financial records from 2005 to 2010.

We request the club’s listserv immediately cease being monitored and censored.

We request that a new club by-laws be drafted by the board and ratified by club membership by 8/15/10.

We request that the election process, membership enrollment and oversight of listserv be managed by a 3rd party to ensure fair elections. This third party must be agreed to by the current club leadership and the petitioners.

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