Equal opportunities bodies and recruiting corporations
United Kingdom

Age discrimination has at last been recognised and considered an illegal practice in Britain today and it is time a similar measure was taken against gender preference, the discrimination unrecognised.

While women have fought for the right to go out to work and become equal citizens with equal pay, the emphasis has shifted away from men who can no longer even get accepted into admin roles so long as there are young women applying. Despite being equally qualified, it’s a multiplied task for male applicants to get accepted into positions such as secretarial, PA, human resources or even receptionists and offices across the land are still 80% female.

Young females are the ones selected who go onto promotion breaking through the glass ceiling never thought possible. Where does this leave men, particularly the older ones?

It is no longer safe to rely on equal opportunities law that claims to take on a fair quota via application forms that ask for age, gender and racial origin. It is these laws (and bodies that uphold them) that make the 20% male ratio in staff seem acceptable when the preference of selection is glaringly obvious.

We need a new investigative body such as a “men’s selection charter” that looks into organisations such as the BBC who are renowned for gender preference. Such a body would be allowed to ask the questions normally fobbed off by equal opportunities orgs as being “admin work normally being preferred by women”, “the male applicants weren’t up to scratch” etc.

The Men’s Selection Charter can DEMAND the equal quota rather than just ask for it where new formalities are properly followed through. See proposed logo on how such formalities would be introduced.

Only an established charter for men could implement what the Equal Opportunities Commission turns a blind eye to.

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