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This E petition is to try and put some pressure on the Government to routinely vaccinate ALL of our children as part of the childhood immunisation program against the lethal Meningitis B.

Our children are NOT vaccinated against this at the moment. The vaccination has just became available and will cost £75 per dose for children who aren't deemed high risk.

This should be FREE for every child and EVERY child should be immunised.

Can you imagine if your child caught meningitis and you hadn't PAID to have them vaccinated?

Meningitis KILLS in only 4 hours and can leave your child severely disabled. It is a terrible illness but it is within our power for a relatively small cost to wipe this out in our country.

Please consider signing this petition to encourage the government to add this to the immunisation program. Sharing this on social media would be great too.

Thank you.

We the undersigned call for the UK govt to add the meningitis B vaccine (Beszero) to the childhood immunisation program, so that EVERY child receives this for free.

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