Doctors education in india is at cross roads as there is conflict between MCI the supreme constitutionally appointed doctors body expected to give direction to education of physicians and the health minister and ministry controlled DNB Board.

Most doctors would support the more professionally managed and democratic MCI comparede to one man show of health ministry puppet DNB board.What do other doctors think?

Medical council of india has done a commendable job of regulating medical education system despite all its limitations.

Allegations of corruption have creeped on certain member /past presidents due to lack of self discipline among doctors.MCI has introduced doctor identification and teachership details to avoid false presentation/declarations by private medical colleges as in south india.Many deemed universities should own up responsibility and recruit qualified MD medical teachers henceforth instead of relying on PhD since MSc PhDs have not done any significant research or won Nobels for India.

Integrated medical curriculum should be adopted by MCI to tide over present shortage of MD teaching staff in preclinical/ paraclinical subjects. MCI should continue to encourage MDs and avoid conflict with DNB board.

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