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Hyuuga Neji, the only one of Naruto's generation that died in the war.

There are a lot of before and after photos of the kids since Part I to Shippudden, to the Last, til they're finally grown-ups. In these posts, the most common and liked comments are those that mention the absence of Neji.

It is upsetting, but if he were to live, what would he have looked like? Would his hair be still as long? Still wearing the ponytail that barely holds the hair? Still in all white clothing?

Well, if possible hopefully a lot more of the other characters too. And their possible conclusions. Will Neji be someone's husband? Or simply show as Himawari & Boruto's uncle? And also....to at least seem him smile? Itachi as well, Sarada's uncle? In what scene does Kishimoto see them if everyone lived?

It's an impossible paradise after all, of course. But just the sight could really lift us up in seeing those who didn't make it to the end.

We, Naruto Fans, want to see Hyuuga Neji's character design if he were still alive in the Last, and in chapter 700.

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