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Legalization ( End Prohibition ) and Reform ( Current Laws ), of the current laws and policies which govern the use of Marijuana in the United States, it is time to seriously look into abolishing Prohibition of Marijuana, and change the laws accordingly to this issue.

Each and every year medical science has stated that the use of marijuana is safer than alcohol,and should not be listed as a narcotic, is not as addictive as once was thought, and has far more uses in the medical arena in the treatment for patients either terminal,or chronic, and safer as a alcohol alternative. With current standing laws more than 800000, people this year have been arrested, and many either white collar or blue collar workers, taxpayers and voters such as yourselves their lives destroyed, jobs lost.

Laws like these are not a deterrent, with more than 100 million plus users of marijuana and growing each year there has to be Open mindedness, and change. More money 10 billion yearly, and more over a trillion since President Nixion was in office for the war on drugs, this money which could've been better spent on programs for schools, parks, the poor, etc. the time is now to tell our representatives that it is enough, it is a time for change.

We the undersigned wish our voices heard and want our Laws reformed towards the Use of Marijuana, and to end the Prohibition of Marijuana in the United States of America, further more with legalization we agree that if legalization is enacted it should be regulated and taxed no differently than Alcohol or Tobacco within reason, and proper representation.

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