Government of Tasmania

In October 2005, A Tasmanian man, Shane Michael SHANKS was charged with Murder, Manslaughter and Ill-treatment of a child...his son, Danny Leigh DELL

In November 2006, SHANKS went to court and pleaded Guilty to Manslaughter as the DPP lessened the charge as it could not be found that out of the 79 injuries that the child had sustained which one had killed him.

It seems to many people, it wasn't one particular injury but the whole lot that caused the childs death.

The man is now going to serve about 4 years in jail but we feel that the term should be more or he should be charged with murder as that is what happened in this situation.

A 4 year old boy was murdered and the father is showing no remorse for what he has done and is doing to the childs family and friends.

We, the undersigned, call upon the government of Tasmania to set a manditory prison sentence for manslaughter charges and also sentence the above mentioned man to the longest possible time in prison.

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