Queen Elizabeth, Head of The Commonwealth, The United Nation, World Leaders

Early man time, earth was a heaven but huge. Now earth is a hell but small. To make earth a better place to live and stay is to make it into a heaven and small.

Earth was an heaven in early man time, because:
Great philosophers, sages and spiritual leaders like Jesus Christ, Moses, The Yellow Emperor, Lau Tzu, Mohammad and Buddha return to earth again.
People like Methuselah and Adam who can live till 1000 years old will be present.
Earth was covered with vegetation. It was cool, fresh and aromatic.
Chronic disease like cancer and issues like global warming was never heard of.
DDT and pesticides were not used to increase food yield.
Drinking water was not fluoridated.
Human being do not eat meat but grains and vegetables.

Earth now is a hell for above facts are absented. However the advancement in technologies have make it a small one. Computer, Internet and air transport have make earth a small one.

I attended a religious class once. We were told that earth will be destroyed eventually. I could not believe it. Maybe i am one of those who is always on the positive side of live. My conclusion is, earth will be destroyed , where and when there is money. Money is the root of all evil. Earth can only be saved, where and when money is eliminated.

Food, air, water and raw materials are all given free to us by Mother Nature. As such man must not charge a price for the goods and services produced and given.

Before 'Money the root of all evil" destroyed earth, we get rid of it first, to save earth.

We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, The Head of Commonwealth The United Nation, World Leaders to make earth a better place to live and stay.

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