Senators and Represenatives of Congress
United States of America

. .. .. .In 1978; the FCC had just started to allow UNSAFcc wire communications called "cable Television" in the Arkansas hills. The FCC misinterpreted FCC v Pacifica as the rational for existing and now claim jurisdiction limited to making only radio-wave broadcasts SAFcc.

. .. .. .Sixteen years after the time-sensitive technical free speech ruling, one of these Justices remained though seventy-seven years old and used the archaic decision to coin a new slang word. POOF This word was called, "the internet", in ACLU v Reno, (96-511). This Justice wrote, "the internet is a unique and wholly new medium for human communications", and hereby 'coined' an undefined slang term that had become popular without defining the slang term used.

. .. .. .This was despite growing up before nuclear bombs, internet wire and radio communications, or cell phones EXISTED the way these all do now. This Justice was forty-eight when man first visited the moon, or claimed to visit the moon. Ha

. .. .. .We, "the undersigned", hope to see internet wire and radio communications made SAFcc for anyone to access when used for interstate and world-wide communication as is already the duty of the FCC.

. .. .. .We will donate to fund the legal pursuit of ending MALFEASANCE of the FCC and urge the legislative branch to pass clarifications of the law already requiring regulation of all pervasive distant communications that affect random persons ANYWHERE on Earth and therefore MUST BE MADE SAFcc for children AND adults to receive and not violate free speech!

. .. .. .Indecent speech may NOT BE SAFcc for minors to encounter whether this speech is OBSCENE or simply inappropriate as decided exclusively by the minor's parents.

. .. .. .Parents have the EXCLUSIVE right to determine or direct what speech their own children will encounter anonymously or make. Free speech for adults will remain, but completely anonymous "adult speech" is already illegal and must END to make indecent adult speech SAFcc to make without harming others!

Neeley Jr v FCC et al,(5:12-cv-5208)

. .. .. .This FCC complaint is now argued very clearly and Representative Steve Womack has a copy as well as copies of the following SAFcc BILL that also incidentally balances the budget.

47 USC §232

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