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Since 1985, to reduce the risk of HIV (human immunodificiency virus) and HPV (human papillomavirus) the FDA set strict guidelines in which people identifying as gay or men whom have had sexual contact with men restricting them from donating blood. However, anyone else who has sexual relations including straight people and lesbians are allowed to donate blood. This is a cause for concern since there is a rough estimate of around 8-10 million gay men living in America at any given time who aren’t allowed to donate blood, because of their sexual relationship. Donating blood is important and a critical life saving donation to millions of
people who need it everyday. If you test the blood from heterosexual people to make sure they are transmitting diseases, why can’t you do the same for gay men? Why is their a stigma and stereotype that all gay men carry HIV/HPV? I am a 19 year old gay man who has been denied donating blood twice even though I know 100% that my blood is perfectly clean and can go to someone who needs it.

We, the undersigned, call on the FDA to re-evaluate their guidelines for males who have sex with other males to donate blood and ask that the guidelines be set to be fair between all sexes and sexual orientations.

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