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North Somerset Council & Avon & Somerset Constabulary
United Kingdom

Having lived in Portishead now for a few years, even in this short time I have seen the number of residence dramatically increase whilst the infrastructure remains mainly unchanged. The purpose of this position is to address two issues to make this great town a safer place for the ever growing number of children.

1) Railings around the remainder of the harbour

With an ever increasing number of young children in the area, this is proving to be a future catastrophe waiting to happen. Only recently a buggy and child ended up in the water and had it not been for the quick reaction of selfless passers by, there would be one less child in Portishead.

2) Parking restrictions or crossing points on Phoenix Way and Newfoundland Way

An emotive topic I am sure for most one way or another however access and egress to and from these main roads are increasingly impossible due to the increasing amount of mindless drivers who ignore the highway code and park on the corners.

We are not suggesting parking is stopped throughout, however, we would like to see some form of common sense shown in relation to the bends and junctions or at very lease, crossings incorporated onto the roads in order to aid people crossing.


We, the undersigned, call upon both North Somerset Council and Avon & Somerset Police to act upon the following requests:

1) Introduce safety railings around the remainder of the Portishead Harbour;

2) Introduce Parking restrictions on the bends and junctions of both Phoenix Way and Newfoundland Way in Portishead.

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