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Make Lambeth council work for all voters.

You can force Lambeth Council to change the way it makes decisions, so that all 63 elected councillors can do the job voters believe they elected them to do.

Lambeth Council currently runs on a 'Cabinet' system where only 11 of the 63 councillors oversee most major decisions in the borough. Added to this, the whip system means non-Cabinet councillors are often forced to vote on party lines. If your opinion differs from Cabinet policy - too bad, your ward councillor can face expulsion if they vote to represent their constituents. This means many of the councillors you elect to represent you on the council have little to no real say.

There's a better way to run the council. If the Council switches from the Cabinet system to a modern Committee system, all 63 councillors will have the power to make and influence decisions in the borough. In a Committee system, councillors work in small committees informed by community priorities. It's a more transparent and democratic system that encourages participation and cross-party collaboration.

Voters can help make this change. Under the Localism Act 2011, if 5% of Lambeth voters, (11,568 people), sign this petition then, by law, a referendum *must* be held on changing the way Lambeth Council runs. All voters should have a voice in the council - let's make it happen!

Other parts of the UK have already woken up to the need for local democratic reform. Sheffield, East Cheshire, Fylde, the Wirral and elsewhere have held, or will soon hold referendums or have unilaterally moved to a ‘committee’ system. Time for Lambeth to follow suit.

This is a petition where your signature counts towards real change. By signing, you make a meaningful, positive difference to the way the council works.

If you feel change is needed to how Lambeth council makes decisions, please add your name.

View the 2011 legislation here:

Please note:
We asked Lambeth Council to host this petition on their e-petition site - they refused. You must wonder why - what are they afraid of?

****Please sign by July 1 2022****

You must be a registered voter for Lambeth council elections to sign this petition. You must give your first name and surname as on the electoral register (no initials/nicknames & if you have changed your name on getting married, please give both surnames!)

VALID SIGNATURES: Signatures on this petition will only be valid if they are from registered voters for the Lambeth council authority area. The name and address used when signing must match those recorded in the electoral register. If you are not registered to vote, you can register here then sign:

SIGNING USING FACEBOOK OR TWITTER: If your Facebook or Twitter name is not the name on the electoral register, please sign the petition using your name and email address instead.

ADDRESSEE: This petition is addressed to Lambeth Council.


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“We, the undersigned, being local government electors for the area of Lambeth Council to whom this petition is addressed, seek a referendum on whether the council should be run in a different way by one or more committees made up of elected councillors.”

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