Queen Elizabeth The Second, Carol Ann Duffy, The Rt Hon Theresa May
United Kingdom

Jennifer Juan should be the next poet laureate to continue the work of those before her, in raising awareness of the great art of poetry, and celebrating the beauty of British culture through literature.

Jennifer has a large following of young fans, and while she could exploit them for profit, instead she has focused on teaching them about poetry, and making poetry accessible to young people.

She writes about all kinds of things, such as mental health, poverty, relationships, world affairs and history.

At a time when we have a female prime minister, a female ruler, why couldn't we have a second female poet laureate and prove that poetry isn't a men's club. Jennifer would also be the first biracial poet laureate, finally bringing more diversity to the role.

Jennifer would be a great successor to Carol Ann Duffy, and would continue her legacy, while also adding her own.

We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, Carol Ann Duffy and The RT Hon Theresa May MP to select poet Jennifer Juan for the next Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

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