CBS Survivor (Jeff Probst / Mark Burnett)

Summer 2000... My admiration, desire, and obsession began, it was given a target to focus on. SURVIVOR was born and I became a student (to say fan would be a misuse of the word).

I've accomplished a great amount in my short 40 yrs on this planet... Served almost 15 yrs in the best Navy on the planet the US Navy. I have fought the ugliness of sexual discrimination in an age when overall people accept alternative sexual lifestyles, I once was on an early path to possibly becoming a Baptist Chaplain when a crisis of faith tested everything I thought and believed in, and Ive promised my family and friends I would do everything in my powers to make life better for them and to make sure Im never EVER boring.

I'm looking for the chance to survive, to make a difference, and to bring honor and a level of entertainment and talkativeness to SURVIVOR that hasn't happened in the course of it television history.

P.S. The name is spelled Christopher Dean Hopkins so you can get the check ready. I intend to make this life changing for everyone in my path.

Signing below will show your support and desire to see me (Chris Hopkins) bring a new dynamic level to Survivor. It WILL be exciting, NEVER boring, a fulfillment of a dream, and a new era in TV history. So let's make this happen and I'll not disappoint.

Please use below text as a sign of support...

I fully support and ask that all concerned grant CHRIS HOPKINS a chance to endure, to thrive, and most importantly be THE SURVIVOR!

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