Its simple. It shouldnt be so hard to have pages that are obviously bordering on child pornography removed from facebook.

In many instances, pages that directly violate Facebooks "Community Standards" policy, and are still allowed to exist.

Scantily clad girls who are underage, even videos of people having sex are posted online, and Facebook have repeatedly NOT taken content and pages down, and issued a blanket statement that these things do NOT violate their "Community Standards"

Today, it took HOURS and hundreds of people to report this page to have it removed.

And yet, pictures that would be considered innocent to most, are removed almost immediately, without any recourse.

This is a recurring theme and is completely unacceptable!

This HAS to stop!

We, the undersigned, DEMAND that Facebook adhere to their OWN "Community Standards", and promptly remove sexually eplicit and illegal content in the FIRST INSTANCE that it is reported.

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