Sherwood Valley I, Council of Co-Owners, Inc.
United States of America

We ask for a safe area for the children to play sports and a playscape for the younger children.

To: Sherwood Valley I, Council of Co-Owners' Board of Directors
President John Stanley
V. President Gerald(Jerry) Dicks
Treasurer: Ed Dickenson
Secretary: Jesse Feland
At-Large: Eddie Vitale

CC: MASC Austin Properties – Attention David Rivera

From: Sherwood Valley I Residents
email: sherwoodvalleyIresidents@comcast.net

Re: Creation of a safe play area for the children

Dear Board members,

We, the undersigned homeowners and/or tenants of the Sherwood Valley I Council of Co-Owners, Inc., do hereby demand the fence along the West perimeter of the property bordering the Addicks Reservoir and Turkey Creek be torn down and replaced immediately. The fence is an eyesore, a hazard, a liability, and is not suitable for children.

Sherwood Valley I General Rules of Conduct, Item 9 states: "Outdoor sports such as Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc... are allowed in the area just behind the pool(West) only." This is the only play area the board has ever allowed for the children. They have been continuously harassed by the board, individual board members and the management companies, for using the common areas to play.

The latest was denying the children a basketball hoop in the common area behind their unit, Unit 13, despite the fact that for years the board has promised children to provide an area with a basketball hoop to play. The harassment of the homeowner regarding her renter’s basketball hoop only ceased following a HUD investigation.

The fence has been in such a dilapidated condition for almost decade and it now creates a severe hazard to any child (or adult) who should happen to be unlucky enough to fall against it. It has two lengths of chain link fence overlapped with pointed twists about 3-4 feet off the ground, which are turned inward toward the property, creating a very dangerous condition and possibly causing injury to someone’s eyes, especial for our children. The fence cannot simply be 'fixed' as has been attempted in the past, it must be replaced wholly in accordance with city ordinance. There was never any permit taken for this fence which is 8 feet high and a violation of city ordinance.

We give the board until November 5th to send proof (via the email address above ) that this fence will be torn down and replaced in 30 days time i.e., no later than December 3rd, 2007.

Furthermore, we ask that a proper place for young children to play be designated as well. This means providing them with a playground and playground equipment similar to that across the street at the in-home daycare center/school.. There are at this time at least 5 children under the age of 10 living on the property. We wish to put up a playground for the children to play. We are willing to split the cost of the play equipment by donations; we ask only for an area to be officially designated by the board and that the play area is made safe by the removal of the hazardous fence, a bougainvillea which has thorns, and adding appropriate ground covering.

Lastly, since we are asking for the fence to be replaced in its entirety, we also ask that a dog run be placed at the northwest corner of our property, which is at least 20 feet long and wide, preferably bigger. There are enough dog owners on this property to justify the costs. It will also resolve the issue of any dog being off its leash.

Failure of the board to do as requested regarding the play area will be reported to Housing and Urban Development as an act of discrimination against the children who are residents here.

Respectfully the Undersigned,

The condominium owners and/or renters of Sherwood Valley I Council of Co-Owners, Inc.
1831 Sherwood Forest
Houston, Texas 77043

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