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It's all over youtube, NFL channel & ESPN NEWS.

You have to leave Marshawn Lynch alone. He's not doing anything wrong. If he doesn't want to talk to the media he doesn't have to.

Why are you fining him $100,000? What should be fined is the NFL media for bullying Marshawn lynch. He obviously has anxiety. There is proof online everywhere. This is harassment. He doesn't like to talk on national TV. He has said it multiple times to his former team mate Michael. And said "man I like to play not talk."

He's shy he doesn't know what to say at the very moment. He's scared he probably has nightmares about this after games. I'm a 12th man PART OF THE SEAHAWKS. Every player deserves equal rights as a human being not as a entertainer.

He's a football player his job is to play on the field not speak in front of the media. The NFL president/ VP should do something about this. If this was his son I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the same.

Do what you want but we know LYNCH IS BETTER THAN YOU! #beastmode

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