#Human Rights
Canadian Government

LTTE is a powerful organization fighting for the rights of Tamil people. More than 500,000 Tamil people have fleed from the Srilankan Island because of the discrimination by the Government. More than 70000 innocent people have been killed by the goverment forces. Many Church, Schools, Temples and Homes were demolished by the srilankan air forces.

This makes the youngsters to fight for their rights against the government. There are more than 17000 martyers who had laid there lives for the freedom of Tamil people. The World should understand the fact and support the right side. Now most of the countries in the world have came to know what is realy happening in Srilanka. But some countries who say they are the leaders know the fact but they don't want to solve the problems because if the whole world is at peace they don't have a place to sell their arms.

We request the government of Canada to get involve in the problem and to support the Human rights of Tamil People.

We know that Canada is beautiful and peace loveing country to live. The government should understand that more than 300000 Tamil people have came to Canada because something is seriously happening on their side.

We support the LTTE and The freedom War.

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