Gitwangak Band Office, Chief & Council

Please sign, & share this petition if you feel that the local government (Gitwangak Band) is robbing our own people of a human right. Yes, internet now a days is a right of passage. It’s useful, educational and you absolutely need it to apply for and search jobs. The CRTC and human rights tribunal and even welfare deem Internet a human right. But at what cost?? People are giving up sometimes their entire welfare cheque just to pay. All local communities are all on board with the national average of internet at a low cost. I’ve been installing internet services for Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Eastlink and a lot of other smaller providers for almost 20 years & this price here in Gitwangak is robbery for 5Mbps 40 and a data cap of .. what? A tiny bit of information? That’s their lowest.. mostly everyone goes over. The norm I’ve been installing is at least 50Mbps for $25 and unlimited data. What’s going on here Band office? What about the extremely high profit? I calculated at least 150,000 per year!! With no service tech, no tech support .. nothing!! What about the profits... where is it going ???

We, the people of Gitwangak and members of Gitwangak First Nations call to eliminate or substantially lower the Internet rate to comparable rates of local areas, eliminate data caps, and call to the band to provide financial reports for the current platform & current profits and where it is being used. Thank you all for being cooperative in looking into this matter, as we are the people who have voted in these people in power. We have a right to information!!

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