Tanzania being one of the country with high coverage rate on immunization in the region with a population of about 50 Million people, 31 regions, 196 councils and 6991 health facilities: still one in every 5 children under the age of five years is not adequately covered with vaccines. It is a problem for our society as we are the voice of every child and we advocate for equity in immunization and the fifth child is as important as the rest of them: It is a problem for the national immunization program because control and eventually elimination of these vaccine preventable diseases need every other child to be reached. Despite the fact that Tanzania have solid immunization infrastructure, there is still low awareness among caretakers, community and health care workers on when should certain vaccine be given as well as which vaccines are available to be given in the routine immunization program. It is a problem for our society because we are responsible to make sure that the community and health care providers are informed of the vaccine available and their appropriate use: It is a problem to the national immunization program because awareness of both the users and health care provider is crucial for the vaccine uptake for program success. With much success and disappearance or reduced incidences of many vaccine preventable diseases such as polio, measles, diarrhea diseases etc. the risk of resurgence is high especially with less advocacy and absence of cases. It is a problem for both the society and the national immunization program as we have seen in the developed world where some of the vaccine preventable disease were no longer a threat with new mothers who have never seen the toll of these diseases; refusal of vaccine uptake led to new epidemic of measles in the US in the recent past.

We the undersigned pledge to Advocate, Educate, and take active role in making sure every other child does not miss the opportunity to be vaccinated and receive all the vaccines available and the newer vaccines in particular [2nd Measles & Rubella vaccine; HPV vaccine; and Inactivated Polio Vaccine ]

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