House Of Lords Information Office
United Kingdom

January 20, 2006

Startling revelations are surfacing in the "breaks in" news of the TBC radio.
We, a group of failed asylum seekers are living in the UK with fear of arrest and deportation to Sri Lanka at any time.

Mr.Ramraj assured us to obtain visas illegally using his association with the MP for Harrow west, Mr.Garath Thomas and the Councillor, Harrow Mr.Thaya Idaikadar.

In fear of returning to Sri Lanka, three of us barrowed from friends and paid him £5000 each in order to get the visa. However he could not help us in regularising our status as mentioned.

Therefore we asked him to refund the money. He started to threaten us to inform the Enforcement officials of the UK Immigration Service about our status in this country. He further said that we were from the LTTE and will inform to the UK Police that we were threatening him.

Despite this threat, we continued to pressurise him to get the money back. Then recently he asked us to wait in the midnight of 22nd of May 2005 in front of Domino Pizza, in Rayners Lane area. When we went there, he asked us to follow him. We went near a parked car (Metallic Green, R4 JRT) in the Warden Avenue. Then he gave us electronic equipments of possibly radio station and said that get your money from selling those equipments.

The Other day we heard the news that the TBC Radio Station was broken in. Later we got to know that he made a complaint at the Harrow Police Station that the LTTE suspects broke in his radio station.

In another interesting thing that the same Mr.Ramraj, one day had given money to one of another friends of us to buy a pay as you go sim card. Then Mr.Ramraj asked him to call to his Radio Station as well as to his mobile number using a phone with the same sim card frequently. Our friend was not aware as to why Mr.Ramraj asked him to do so.

Now we understand that the purpose of this is to manipulate and complain to the Police about the LTTE threat and to claim insurance falsely. In the recent news in his www.nitharsanam.net, www.vizhippu.net , the same phone number has been mentioned in relation to the "LTTE threat story".

We also learnt that he had a history of cheating the Insurance companies in the year of 2001 and 2003 respectively.

If the UK Immigration Service and the Police can give us guarantee not to remove us from the UK, we are happy to assist the Police or the relevant officials in this regard.

We, the undersigned, support the application of these asylum seekers living in the UK to stay in the UK without fear of arrest and deportation to Sri Lanka at any time.

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