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London Met Students' Union recently had a new constitution imposed on us by the university.

None of the unions' ideas and views were included and this has led to a document that removes all power from SU elected officers.

Clubs and Societies will no longer be part of the union and the position of an officer has been reduced to little more than an administrative role. This is because of a cynical attempt by the university to save money and stop the union from campaigning on issues that effect our students.

London Metropolitan University boasts that it is socially inclusive and democratic. It state it offers equal opportunities during your time there you will have a great Student Experience.

This cynical attempt to impose a new constitution, reducing democracy, reducing inclusion and reducing equal opportunities brings this all into question.

For more information you can download the new constitution at:

Please help our cause as we have very little time. We need as many signatures as possible to convince the governors, so please sign the petition below.




We, the undersigned, believe that the new London Metropolitan Students' Union constitution does not improve democracy, will not aid social inclusion and is poorly-conceived.

By signing underneath, we urge the Board of Governors not to ratify this document and instruct them to continue the review process in a fashion that is fair to LondonMetsu with a view to completion by 2007.

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