Randwick City Council

Maroubra is a famous surf beach in Australia and it is also home for numerous skateboarders. Many of them work and are not able to skate the park before sunset. They are forced to drive around 20 minutes or longer on public transport to the only park with floodlights at Waterloo.

In addition on weekends, on the only two days that they can actually skate due to light, they don't have the freedom to do as they want because many parents bring their inexperienced children (2 to 6 years old) to this dangerous place where adults skate at full speed.

I have already seen 2 adults crashing in a skate park and get serious injuries, when an adult crashes into a 3 years old child it can result in a really bad accident.

Therefore we wish to have lights installed and turned on at Maroubra Beach Skate park until 10:30 PM everyday to help separate adult and kids skating times. If the concern about having lights in this park is the security, we suggest that cameras can be installed to control it.

We, the undersigned, call on the Randwick City Council to install proper lights at the skate park in Maroubra Beach, making it a better and more accessible place for adults that love skateboarding and a safer place for children who are just starting skateboarding or scootering.

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