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LG Electronics
United States of America

I bought a bluetooth headset and it broke in less than a year. LG will not repair it under it's warranty. I have battled for over 2 months with their company about getting my device repaired. I paid $170.00 for a defective device and I feel scammed.

This is not the first bad encounter I have had with this company's product. Hundreds or even thousands of consumers across the United States have been burned by this company. The customer service is horrible. The supervisors say there is no higher chain in command for customers to speak to. There are no records of information for their corporate headquarters.

Something must be done about this company and their management services. There are hundreds of complaints online and I am not the only one who has had probles with this company. They refuse to answer any questons over the customer service line. I beleive as a consumer that a company should stand by it's product and it's warranty. If i am purchasing this product in the USA , why am I dealing with a customer service representitive supervisor from the Phillipines? It makes no sense.



We, the undersigned, call on LG Electronics to right their wrong doings on thier LG Electronic products sold to each individual consumer. To repair/replace all defective LG Electronic products purchased by consumers. To honor their product warranties. To fix their customer service. To train their employees correctly on customer management and questions.

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