#Civil Rights
United States of America

I served 13 years in prison after stealing a purse in 2013. While serving my time, I was found in possession of some crude tools for my T.V. the guards found them charged me with having a weapon so I ended up doing 13 years. A year prior to my release, my Clinician at the time Dr. Zahradnickova, was targeted by correctional officers, and they out of fear, came between us, slapped an ankle monitor on me under color of law, and at least the California penal system is trying to cover it up. All this has happened do to serious flaws I'm seeing in our country's integrity. This is a call to all red blooded Americans who love God and there country to claim what is theres and pick up the declaration of independence and slap all traitors, Benedict Arnold's, and those committing acts of Treason, by there gross actions under the color of God's law. For without the God in whom we trust there is no law. So this is a call to those in office letting them know what the people see and what the people want, Liberty and Justice For All!

We the People of California and the undersigned, call on the state of California to redress all issues in regards to the matter of Chad F. Whittington, in order to correct the constitutional crisis we have witnessed evidence of, namely the unconstitutional surveillance of the American people. Constituting involuntary servitude, illegal monitoring, and a denial of equal protection of the law.

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