#Neighborhood Living
Lincoln County, OR
United States of America

Let's help native residents to Lincoln County, OR take it back! Since this beautiful county is right next to the Pacific Ocean, big time buyers are setting up summer homes and condos in this otherwise quaint area. With every condo and beach house, the property taxes go up and right now they're skyrocketed, thus making places to rent at unimaginable amounts and ultimately driving the native residents out onto the streets. In 2017, 27% of Lincoln County students are in inadequate living situations, which means they are living out of cars, tents, on campgrounds, or substandard housing that lacks basic essentials like heat/water/electricity or is infested with mold. And those are just the figures of students enrolled in K-12 school. It is essential we get these families the proper homes they need and bring these prices down for the native residents that have had Lincoln County before it was taken over by summer houses and condos!

This is a petition to lower the cost of living (specifically rent and property tax) for Lincoln County, OR residents, so they can aquire proper and standard living spaces for their families.

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