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Originally a melodic Goth rock band, The Beautiful Nothing is an electronica band from Morgantown, WV, currently consisting of Hayden Divine. The focus of the band is to touch hearts and save lives. We are a very fan oriented band. Love is our message and we love you!!!

In 2002, Hayden Divine created The Beautiful Nothing. In 2012, with Chris Nice on guitar, they released "Hope, Love and Lies", an acoustic full length. After Chris left the band to focus on his family, Hayden decided to change to electronic. The message of the band is hope. Very active against suicide, bullying and discrimination, Hayden seeks to help people who struggle with suicide and depression just like him. The Beautiful Nothing is and always will be a fan driven band. In 2012 Hayden sparked a friendship with Blood On The Dance Floor front man Dahvie Vanity and the 2 seek to make a difference in the world by fighting against hate using their art as their weapon. The ultimate dream of The Beautiful Nothing is to becoming a Dark Fantasy artist.

We are music for the misfits, the brokenhearted, the outcasts, the martyrs, the lonely, and the lost. It's okay to be fucked up; here are people just as fucked up as you. Mission: FUCK FAME!!! We are in this to help others the way our favorite music or songs that touched our lives did. Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make. Creating a place for you to escape to is the most important goal to us. We want to save lives and touch hearts so that if one person comes up and says that our music has helped them then life is complete.

As an upcoming artist that wants to get his message out there and spread the love to everyone, let’s get this petition out there and around.

The goal of this petition is to play at Pittsburgh Pride this summer, 2013.

We stand for equality for everyone and it would be a great honor to get to play at such a prestigious event.

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