#Animal Welfare
Let's make Beta known for much more people

Respect for life, whether animal, plant or human on this planet. Citing Beta's homepage "It's their planet too".

Have you heard of Beta? The following true story is worth of telling and sharing...

Also animals are affected by the circumstances in the post civil war in Beirut.

Thanks for the valuable work of Beta, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals a safe haven for animals was established in difficult times.

Beta's important tasks are finding homes for animals, taking care of the homeless cats, dogs and other animals, rehabilitation, how to treat animal ethical and spreading awareness about animal welfare, to mention some.

Till now Beta is pretty unknown.

The simple goal why I started writing this petition is to make Beta more known, that people get aware of the problems and existence of Beta.

In order the animals can be adopted easily and find real homes. In order the shelter can be supported in various ways.

Beta needs more support which is possible when more people know about this non-governmental organization.

Beta is still trying to find a new location, where dogs are wanted.

Important is what they do.
Irrelevant is where they are.

Together we can make a difference.

If you like, have a look at the touching video "From Beirut to Best Friends" made by jwattvo in Youtube:


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