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A few states have decided that abortions are going to be banned and they are trying to get the the doctors who perform these abortions to be tried and given an amount of time in prison. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/16/opinion/alabama-abortion-georgia-roe.html

Recently a few states in the United States of America have decided that abortion need harsh punishment deciding for women what to do with their bodies as a woman myself I feel that we as women deserve the right to decide for ourselves we fought the right to vote and as much as it pains me to say this we need to fight for our right to choose what we do with our bodies about four states have decided that you cannot abort a pregnancy want a fetal heartbeat is detected which is about six weeks most women do not know they are pregnant at 6 weeks you are not allowed to terminate the pregnancy if it endangers you or the fetus you are not allowed to abort if it's a rape or incest I find this unacceptable and that the United States government or any local government within the United States should decide what we should do with our bodies I might be rambling this is something that sticks with me and makes me very angry please bear with me I'm making this petition to have our federal government make abortions federally legal to make abortions safe again because what the local government under the federal government is doing is taking away safe abortions when do that you're taking away the human right the women's rights if you support or agree with anything that I have typed here please sign your name and we will make abortions federally legal.

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