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Aam Aadmi Party, India campaigned Delhi election 2013 claiming it is a transparent party. Infact, transparency is their motto.

The party claimed it will stand candidates who are honest, have good character and have no criminal record. The party ensured measures within the party to achieve the same. They had an extensive screening process that ensured candiates who satisfied above three criteria were selected for election candidature. However, how hard they try truth is that people with malicious intentions will become part of party and even win elections on their ticket.

We recently saw an instance where an elected party candidate had differences due to non allocation of seat. The party seemed to have pacified the minister but did not come out transparent in what occured behind the scenes.

Question is does AAP have corrective measures to take down candidates who are elected as MLAs or ministers but evidently fail to fulfill one of three "must have" criteria for representing people of India? Also, does AAP vow to be transparent in such matters?

We appreciate Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) efforts to bring transparency in politics. As party grows it might become more and more difficult to weed out dishonest people from joining party.

If such people are elected MLAs/minsiters and the mistake is realized later, party should list corrective measures to ensure they are exposed in front of people. Candidates should adhere/sign to these policies before taking party's ticket. This will help in following way:

1. Candidates know from day one that at any stage whether before or after elections, if they deviate from party policies, they will be exposed and shunted by party as well as people. Thus, it will act as self-screening process for people joining the party.

2. This will keep a check on AAP. The party might take in candidates that are powerful or rich to get their support prior to elections and then ignore them (or reward them) on winning. AAP will be bound to work with honest , human loving people whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, powerful or not.

3. This step is essential for honest party workers who want to bring betterment to society and their country. The corrective measures ensure that honest, true party workers are not victims of biasing when making important party decisions.

4. Mr Kejriwal and team cannot be everywhere as party expands. The CM selected in areas other than Delhi might not be be able to make wise choice of his cabinet. Common party policies will ensure party workers abide by them no matter which part of country elections are contested from.

We request AAP grows to get as transparent as it claims to be. Please sign this petition for betterment of our people, our country, our party!

Jai Hind!
Love my country, Love my people

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