#Consumer Affairs
United States of America

Since the acquisition of Egroups by Yahoo, Yahoo has been shutting down Adult Groups at an alarming rate. They've almost all but stopped there advertising of Adult Groups. This petition is for all the people who would like to be able peruse the Adult Groups and not have more of their First Amendment rights taken away. For some people, this is their right to be able to step into a fantasy world which in societies eyes is wrong. Who makes these rules anyway? It's not wrong to want to delve into the alternative lifestyles world. Some find their only way to do it is through this medium. As long as no laws or Yahoo's user policy is not being violated, the groups should be left alone.

We, the people, of the undersigned petition, are petitioning Yahoo to leave our Adult Groups intact and stop taking away more of our First Amendment rights. All we ask is that you don't shut down our Yahoo Adult Groups, many of which people have worked hard to create and build membership up. This is a form of expression for many, a way for others to bring across their way of life and what interests them. If no laws are being broke, then they should be left alone.

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