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The game of Soccer is slowly but surely becoming a new driving force in the United States. As it grows and evolves in this country on a daily basis, so do its fans. We the fans understand the science of the game as it pertains to the art of tactics, formations, and player positions and as it pertains to the National game, roster spots.

Under the leadership of USSF President Sunil Gulati and now manager Jurgen Klinsmann, the USMNT seems to be in a stalemate yet again. From a fan standpoint it is extremely disheartening. Many fans do not trust the leadership of the USSF and fear that in the coming rounds of the hexagonal and potentially the World Cup 2014 may come huge disappointment.

From the numerous internet blogs, articles etc the debate about soccer in America (specifically on the International level) is very healthy. There is debate in which fans support the work that of Klinsmann while others are extremely disappointed. But from researching multiple posts about the team, it appears that the biggest argument between fans is that of player selection and formations.

The problem that many have including myself with player selection and formation is the fact that Klinsmann has given very clear indications on how to impress him and make National team rosters, but once a team is selected he goes against his own teachings. He wants to score goals, yet he plays 3DM players, being consistent and getting club time is significant in his eyes, yet in the game v Russia he adds Agudelo (who made a difference) and Edu who has played 9min with Stoke.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Soccer Federation to organize, and schedule a Nationally televised friendly that will showcase a National team starting XI and substitutes handpicked by Klinsmann v a team of United States National pool players picked by a Committee including the 23U and 20U men's coaches, expert American analyst, and two players picked by the fans in an online vote.

It is time to allow the fans on both sides of the fence see players on the pitch that have been ignored by Klinsmann that deserve at least a chance and under the National spotlight they can no longer be ignored.

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