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United Kingdom

July 17, 2006

Congratulations to Shayne for having the highest new chart entry for Stand by Me… at No. 14.

We know that is an achievement, but we also know that Shayne will be disappointed, and so are we. He is an absolutely amazing singer but the songs do not get enough people excited enough to go out and buy the singles. It also means, disappointingly, that the millions of people who voted for him on X Factor are deserting him. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

On the X Factor, his best performance, (except for If You Not the One, which we all agree was amazing) were all up-tempo: Cry me a River, Take your Mama, the Darkness.

We remember him preparing for Cry me a River on Xtra Factor …and Ben on camera saying, "did anyone know that Shayne had those moves?" Everyone was excited by it…he could sing…he could dance.. He looked amazing…so WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

On the X Factor tour he wowed us with his performances, especially of Take Your Mama. He was the Shayne we had come to know and love from the X Factor: dynamic, sexy, hugely charismatic. But this isn't getting across now, WHY NOT?

Then No Promises got to No. 2, most likely on the back of his X Factor success and X Factor tour performance. Three months later, SBM, is released and virtually receives no airplay. The fact that it reached No. 14 with no airplay is absolutely amazing… evidence of Shayne's loyal fanbase.

The problem is not with Shayne- he's singing is awesome, but as Simon once said, you are filling a Ferrari with diesel! The songs have to be simply outstanding to expose him to a wider non X Factor audience, a fact that you have seemed to miss entirely.

You seem to think that Shayne's audience is only interested in ballads. Do you know who Shayne's audience is? Because we are not all adolescents, or female.

Look at the other music threads on this forum. Has anyone at Sony done that, to see what appeals to Shayne fans? Although Shayne's young fans are very important and have an important part to play in his success, his fanbase is much broader than that..and yet we all want something different!


We want him to dress like a 21 year old.

We want to see his personality come through more in his clothes and in his music.

We want him to sing up-tempo songs.

We want those songs to translate into sexy performances on video.

We also want him to sing power ballads, because he sings them so well, but not exclusively!

We want to see Shayne interviewed in media targeted at a broader market, not exclusively teenage and not exclusively female.

We want you to stop cloning Shayne into a Westlife clone. Some of us like Westlife and appreciate their music but that doesn't mean we want Shayne to become one of them!

We want the Shayne we be what we know he is capable of being: dynamic and sexy, with an "edge" the Shayne we voted for after seeing "Cry me a River".

We want Shayne to grow and develop as an artist and to have a long successful career.

For that he needs critical acclaim, something he is not going from the current batch of songs.

We want to see this amazing young man develop to be the next UK pop music superstar. We know he is capable of it, he is the "whole package". We know that if he is allowed to be himself and allowed to shine, he will achieve what he has always wanted and so richly deserves.

And we will be behind him every step of the way. LET HIM SHINE!

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