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Dustin has wanted to be a Marine his entire life. He left for bootcamp June '07, attended S.O.I. and then was placed in a unit at Camp Pendleton, California. Before leaving for his first deployment in May '08 they were given leave, as is standard, but their leave was severely shortened due to training schedules and other circumstances, he was only home for about a week.

Now while on a 6 month deployment, living on a ship, ALL he had to think about was coming home to see his family. Since returning in November he has stayed on base to save all his leave for Christmas, 23 days. Now brought up under "hazing" charges he is not being permitted to come home. His leave was already approved (on Dec 1st), his father had already bought him a plane ticket home. His fiancé's father was flying him with their family to see her grandmother for Christmas because this is probably going to be her last one. His mother (single mother) just yesterday had someone very close to her pass away.

His family needs him to come home this Christmas, but he's not being permitted to. Of course the "superior" that made this decision, after NJPing these boys, immediately left base to go spend the holidays with his family and is not taking phone calls.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Marine Corps to let this Marine come home. He has already been N.J.P.'d where he loses rank, receives 2 months half-pay, and is restricted for 60 days.

We agree equal crime for equal punishment, but considering that some Marines have taken leave recently and received more leave prior to deployment, this is not equal punishment. Let him come home, and continue discipline when he returns. Give him shorter leave if need be.. Today is Saturday, December 13, 2008. His plane home left yesterday (Dec 12th) at 6:15.

Please do not make him miss another day of precious time he will never get back, especially considering after this he will not have another leave block until they prepare to go on deployment again next August.

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