Dereck Harris, Head of Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art
United Kingdom

Within the campus of Wimbledon College of Art, there is only one studio which is at all suitable for use as a film studio.

In recent years the college has seen a vast increase in the number of students wishing to create moving image work both on the specialised Print and Time-Based Media pathway as well as in Painting, Sculpture and the school of Theatre. However, this studio is constantly being given over to staff for meetings, presentations, tutorials and other such activities which are far more flexible in their mobility.

It is not necessary for these activities to take place in this studio and there are a range of far more suitable spaces in the college (e.g. the MEETINGS room). Time and time again students are being ousted from the 'specialist' film studio and having their projects ruined for the sake of staff-led activities.

This must change.

We the undersigned, students and associates of Wimbledon College of Art request that the 'Film and Video Room' is no longer used for meetings, tutorials or presentations and is preserved as a DEDICATED FILM STUDIO so as to put an end to students having their time-based projects RUINED by double-booking and shoddy timetabling.

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