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Portuguese and Russian Authorities

Alexandra is a little girl who is the daughter of an illegal russian immigrant who was living in the streets, is an alcoholic and was apparently into prostitution as well. Alexandra was taken from her mother and given to a portuguese foster family as a baby (17 months )... Now she is about 6 years old and the birth mother was deported back to Russia but decided she wanted to take Alexandra with... they went to court and the first judge denied her request but then she went one step further to another court and that judge gave her custody of Alexandra.

Alexandra was ripped from her foster mother's arms arms screaming her head off and handed over to a woman who she didn't know from a bar of soap and then were accompanied to the airport and deported to Russia.

Alexandra had not even been in Russia for a week when the Russian tv showed a short film filmed in Russia by their media who filmed their arrival and consequent first couple of days...

The reporter who made the film said that on the day she was there, the mother had already drank a bottle of Vodka and they showed the mother hitting and pushing little Alexandra because she was asking for her half-sister....

Of course the foster parents are absolutely devastated... they were supposed to go to Russia to be on a live tv show with Alexandra's mother, but the Russian embassy will not give them visas...

Even the judge who judged this case has come forward and said that has regretted his decision was based on him not sympathizing with the foster mother and not because he thought that it would be in Alexandra's best interests to stay with her real mother...

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION before we hear that Alexandra has been sold or abandoned by her mother, just because this "lady" gave birth to Alexandra doesn't make her a MOTHER!!!!

Let her to live in the place where she is loved...

To read more information in Portuguese or Russian please visit this site.

We are making an appeal to all to sign the petition so that Alexandra can come back to the only home she has ever known.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION before we hear that Alexandra has been sold or abandoned!

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