#Consumer Affairs
The Nigerian Senate.

The Consumption of marijuana by the citizens of Nigeria shouldn't be illegal or banned by the Nigerian Government.The South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled on Sept. 18 2018 that citizens had the right to consume and grow marijuana in their homes, as long it was for personal consumption. The country’s highest court found that country’s laws on drugs and medicine went against the constitution’s right to privacy and the “personal use” of marijuana.The Nigerian Government needs to follow suit and make this beautiful herb legal.The number of Nigerians taking weed per day is high and the number of policemen running after them is high,making marijuana legal will enable the Nigerian police force channel their time to fight more important atrocities in the society.

We call on the Nigerian Government to legalize the consumption of marijuana,also to setup a committee to look into the cultivation of marijuana in Nigeria and how the economy can benefit from the export of marijuana.Nigeria can position itself as a leading force in Africa when it comes to the marijuana.

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