The Michigan State and United States governments.
United States of America

Michigan needs to legalize prostitution in order to insure public health and safety as well as collecting taxes from an untapped industry.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Michigan state government to legalize prostitution and solicitation.

We believe that embracing this inevitable trade will add to public health and safety as well as provide taxes from this untapped industry. Legal brothels in Michigan would lessen the number of street walkers and pimps, removing much danger from our streets. Brothels would keep track of their workers health, as well as providing them with much needed empowerment and self-defense courses. Brothels should always have a security guard on staff, as well as a house mother to tend to the workers, and a madame to tend to client relations.

We should be free to use our bodies any way we like, even to sell sex - which is legal in Michigan if it's being filmed for the pornography industry. Prostitutes deserve the same respect, and protection.

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