#Civil Rights
Marijuana Activists/Smokers, Teens, All Canadians

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Canada's current Marijuana laws are not just to the "problems" they cause. There is little scientific evidence linking cannabis to any important side effects. Marijuana is far less damaging than alcohol by most tests and should be treated so.

The majority of Canada has shown time and time again they are more in support of legalizing marijuana than keeping it illegal at a time where the Conservative government is trying to make even harsher penalties for simple non-violent marijuana offences. British Columbia and Ontario Supreme courts have both ruled Canada's Marijuana laws unconstitutional but our government refuses to listen to the people for what is right.

Sign This Petition and help protest Canada's unjust law that serves no purpose considering the legalizing and taxing of Marijuana could help serve to bring Canada's economy back from the recession along with eliminating one of the most common criminal charges.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian government for the full legalization and taxation of marijuana and the licensing and taxing of marijuana growing.

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