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United Kingdom

Many Pros and Cons surround this argument about the legalisation of this drug, the Pros however heavily out weigh the Cons.

1) The chance to tax it

Roughly around 10 million people smoke cannabis in the UK, meaning a standard 20% tax on 10 million people smoking an average of 1 joint a day, would net the country an extra £2 billion.

2) Our overcrowded prisons

A high percentage of our prison space is occupied by cannabis related sentaces, people being locked up for either growing, distributing or smoking a plant, sound sensible?

3) Have certified smoking areas

Smokers realise not everyone enjoys it, so having laws and areas for the controlled recreational use of it so as to not bother those not wanting to be bothered.

Finally, we're proving that even though laws are in place, we are still doing it and your not stopping us, not meaning to sound rude, but why not make some money out of something that's happening and going to happen forever?

We, the undersigned, call on the legalisation or recreational use of cannabis.

The drug is being used and infant increasing in popularity, why not make some money from this situation and also clear up our prisons.

Alcohol is legal and 15,000 people die each year through diseases caused by it, not a single death has been caused by smoking cannabis.

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