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Australian government

Fireworks are legal in both the USA and the UK, but are illegal here in Australia. The main reasons for the illegalisation of fireworks are because of injuries and frightened animals (and owners that care about nothing but their pets).

Animals (mainly dogs) that are affected by the fireworks shouldn't prevent the use of fireworks, as they generally lessen one's sleep much more than fireworks. Why should annoyed pets and owners ruin a tradition? Something that makes days like New Year's Eve special? Injuries caused by fireworks are not because of malfunctions or pure explosive force, but because of short fuses or bad design and lack of knowledge.

Because of the banning of fireworks, there are no laws regarding the design of the products. This greatly affects the safety of the fireworks as they're not designed for the average user, instead only for a pyrotechnician. Another thing worth noting is the lack of knowledge that some users may possess. Because nothing about fireworks is taught to the public, some people may not know how to use them properly, and the safety measures that they must take. This all leads to more injuries and deaths, and less freedom and fun.

Please legalise fireworks for a 'win-win' result.

We, the people of Australia, wan't fireworks to be legalised, with guidelines that companies must follow (such as one concerning the length of the fuse).

We are sick and tired of being in a place with no freedom, or tradition. The people in the UK and the USA are all enjoying fireworks, whilst we're being bossed around by people who love their dogs more than they love any human.

Not only will we be having less injuries (as products will be safer and people will be more knowledgeable) and more fun, but we'll also see a new industry arise. Please legalise fireworks for the good of Australia and its people.

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