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Our project is called Leavers Locks. It was inspired by the love lock bridge if France.

The purpose for our project is to give students at Canning Vale College something to leave behind to be remembered by. We are designing a statue with a hollow middle in the shape of a heart with two people connecting their hands. In the middle, the keys will be placed inside the heart like a money box representing each year twelve graduate.

The padlocks will be locked to the school fence along side the gym. For our project, we are expected to write multiple letters to our school board, principle and P&C to gain permission and knowledge for the project to be successful.

We have been lucky enough to receive $500 to support our project. This money will go towards purchasing the materials for our sculpture.

People should sign this petition because so many people graduate from high school and that's the end they leave, Wishing there was something that still locked you to the school other then just being able to say I went there! Well check out this!

Each graduate gets a padlock and key, they lock their padlock to the fence and drop the key into the leavers lock sculpture and you are locked for life! :)

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