#Civil Rights

The Government are proposing that the e-cigarette is to be given out through Medical means. If enough people support and sign this petition the Governments will HAVE to listen to THE PEOPLE for a change.

I personally believe that the Governments only want to have control of the e-cigarette industry for their own greed ie; they will be losing out on the tax revenue that is applied to tobacco cigarettes and that by gaining control they would then tax the e-cigarette (Please Note that that is only MY opinion).

Let us smokers be the ones to decide when and how we achieve to stop smoking the tobacco that is killing so many, not only with the tar and other vile substances the government has approved to put into cigarettes, but by standing up for the civil right to do so.

Yes I believe that there should be an age limit on buyers of the e-cig and also a regulation on the purity of the e-liquid, other than that let the government finally leave us in PEACE.

We, the undersigned, call on all Global Governments to leave E-CIGARETTES alone and leave them to be sold by the e-vaping Industry.

Leave the Vaping people of the world to decide if they still want to smoke or Vape! Not by Government rules, but by their own common sense.

We agree that there should be regulation on an age restriction and also on the purity of the e-liquid, other than that the Vaping industry should be left alone to flourish and continue to offer products to adult smokers unfettered.

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