Kiwi Inc.

All Monster Park players are pretty fed up with the greedy company game maker Kiwi in how they 'earn' their money at $50 a pop for only 600 pieces of gold, that's the 'cost' of only one mystic monster for you non-players.

We are only asking for an 'exchange bank' to 'cash in' our over exbundance of silver pieces we have tons of, meaning more than a billion, for some players, in exchange for gold and 'love potions'. Love potions are another scheme dreamt, up to by Kiwi Inc, to get more of players cash.

We Must Have Silver Exchange

It is not right that Kiwi Inc gave us some 210 potential rooms (15*14), all producing tons of silver and there is no we where to spend it all. There are some users already past two billion silver, others reaching, one billion silver, and can not spend it fast enough. One space is four million silver pieces, but takes 24 hours to finish. Silver can build up twice as fast then that if your 'park' is large enough.

We NEED AN EXCHANGE BANK room to handle excess silver, like in exchange for badly needed gold or love potions. It is inexcusable that Kiwi Inc does nothing on this issue. And causes lots of stress not able to play game to its full potential.

Please, Kiwi Inc, give us a Silver Exchange Bank Room!

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