Kenyan people and the entire world community
United States of America

President Mwai Kibaki won the Kenyan Presidential elections in spite of the ongoing sensational allegations of irregularities.

We, truly patriotic Kenyans in Diaspora hereby urge the foreign media, foreign missions in Kenya, the UN, Kenyan Missions abroad, the people of Kenya in Diaspora and at home in Kenya, and the world at large not to be misled to think that the current tribal violence is sorely because of vote-counting irregularities. There are also allegations of massive rigging and voter-intimidation by Raila's ODM party in Nyanza Province and other ODM strongholds during the voting itself, as well as bloating of vote counts the same ODM strongholds. This allegations need to be investigated. Nyanza and other ODM strongholds were too hostile even for independent observers to go and witness the alleged malpractices.

Any disputes should therefore be addressed through legal channels and not through sensational allegations through the media, petitions calling for Kibaki to resign, violence, wanton destruction of property and killing of innocent Kenyans by ODM supporters, or illegal rallies.

Kenya’s opposition candidate Raila Odinga is therefore not as good or innocent as he and his supporters would have the world to believe. While we do recognize that not all Luo people hate the Kikuyu community, please check http://www.jaluo.com to see hate-mongering articles by some members of Raila's Odinga’s Luo tribe against President Mwai Kibaki and the Kikuyu community, as well as other perceived enemies like Presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka in the run-up to the Kenyan elections. This group is fuelling violence in Kenya in the hope that Raila will wrest power from Mwai Kibaki through unrest. The world should not be enlisted into such a plot!

We the undersigned affirm President Mwai Kibaki as the winner for the 2007 Presidential elections.

We also urge the world not to be misled by those petitioning President Kibaki to resign.

We also call on Mr. Raila Amollo Odinga to concede defeat like a gentleman to avert further loss of innocent Kenyans.

We also take great exception at those petitioning President Kibaki to resign, yet at the same time encouraging their relatives back in Kenya to continue the violence.

We also urge the media, foreign and local, to desist from sensationalizing the current crisis.

God bless Kenya! Peace be upon you our beloved people and country, Kenya!

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