The Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC)

K'gari, the original name for this paradise island now commonly known as Fraser Island.

The direct translation for K'gari' taken from the Butchella language means paradise and any one who has or is planning to visit the island will understand why. Pronounced, Gurri' this breathtakingly special island is still home to a few indigenous descendants and her community of residents share a deep respect and admiration for the island and her settlers history and culture.

The name Fraser Island came from Eliza Fraser so called honest account of her story of survival when she was shipwrecked on the island in 1836. Needless to say Eliza made a lot of money from her tales of her adventure. It was the catalyst that fuelled a dark sequence of events that would eventually lead to all but a few indigenous people left on the island.

It is our mission to see this wonderful island we now call home be crowned to be 'Princess K'gari' once again. Join us in our quest for awareness and help us stand for culture and indigenous history.

We at Drop Bear Adventures want to continue to increase awareness of the island's true name and will endeavour to share our petition with as many influential organisations as we can in the hope that one day she will officially be called K'gari again.

Until then she will always be K'gari to us and we hope to you too.

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