#Civil Rights
Parliament, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

We are suffering increasing attacks from terrorists, kidnappers, hijackers, violent robbers, rapists, rogue law enforcement and military and other criminal networks.

We are like sheep, defenseless before the wolves. The sheepdogs entrusted with our safety and security are asleep and aloof.

Every Kenyan has a right to defend himself or herself from would-be predators using the best means and technology they can buy.

Our firearms laws are too restrictive. We are playing at a disadvantage to the evildoers. They use guns and we respond with... nothing.

We must change this now! Sign this petition and help institute a 2nd Amendment into the Kenya Constitution 2010. With more than a million signatures, we can put this matter to a referendum and win!

We need this now for our country, for the sake of our children and their children.

We, the undersigned, being Citizens of Kenya of sound mind, and apprehensive of our collective safety and security, with our vote and signature, hereby signal and call on Parliament to amend the Kenya Constitution to the effect that every Kenyan-born individual has a right to keep and bear arms that is inseparable from his right to life and liberty, and that this right shall never be infringed by any Laws of Kenya.

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